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Why You Should Attend the Warwick Africa Summit

If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs and social media updates, then you know that our annual summit is less than a week away. But, why should you actually attend? What is all the buzz about?

After two long years, we’ve finally brought it back in-person but what’s even better is that it will also be available online for those of you unable to come physically.

Our theme for this year’s summit is “Elfu Huanzia Na Moja”, a Swahili saying which means “A thousand begins with one”. We’ve chosen this to emphasize on the value of empowerment and the power each person can play in making an impact on the continent.

We have selected a variety of speakers from different facades of the continent who have a track record of making an impact. From Forbes list entrepreneurs to UN-affiliated policymakers, our team has ensured this year’s lineup will provide invaluable insight from people making a change in Africa today. To learn about all our speakers, please visit our Instagram or Facebook page.

What does a full weekend ticket get me?

If you choose to join us in-person, you’ll have the opportunity to meet, interact, learn from and network with like minded people. Whether you want to take a photo with one of the panelists or exchange details with a fellow student in another university, the possibilities are endless.

An authentic African lunch will also be provided on each day - something you cannot miss!

There will also be breakout sessions based on 6 thought provoking and stimulating themes giving you options to choose from. These include Ready Set Green: Our Resources and Sustainability, Africa Beyond Aid: Our People, Heart of the Continent: Artistic Development, Money Talks: Our Economies, Entering a New Era: Technological Advancements and Innovation and introducing a new panel Changing the Narrative: The LGBTQIA + perspective.

You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity! Follow our social media channels to stay updated and purchase your tickets before they sell out using the link below.

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