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Born in Africa and making an Impact

Updated: Oct 24

Happy New Year guys! We hope you enjoyed your holidays! The semester begins on Monday meaning blogs are back! We have so many exciting topics this semester so make sure you do not miss a single blog because we know you'll love it! Today we will talk about a few Africans who are impacting the world. Here is a little motivation to kickstart the second semester of the academic year.

Sethebe Manake

Sethebe Manake is an ambitious, self-driven individual from Botswana with a passion for e-commerce, entrepreneurship, and Small and Mid-size Enterprise (SME) development. She also has a real estate background and decided to integrate tech solutions into her operations by founding GoSmartValue. GoSmartValue is an online real estate valuation platform made to make investing in real estate easy for customers by aiding them in making smart decisions. GoSmartValue enables users to compare sale prices, review land rates, find the best locations and assess the opportunities and risks before investing in real estate.

David Manu

David Manu is a British Ghanaian tech entrepreneur who built the world's first earbuds to auto-translate 40 languages called "Click". How cool is that? Language has been a barrier for years, especially for foreigners visiting new countries. Although several strides have been put in place over the years, it is still a challenge. Imagine going to Spain for a holiday and being able to communicate with locals even though you have not learnt a word of Spanish in your life. So so convenient! Click by Manu will enable users to "text-to-speech" and "speech-to-text" without using the internet. David Manu describes himself as "a hardworking engineer who strives to develop life-changing solutions to improve people's lives". This is undoubtedly someone we can all be inspired by.

Rayana Edwards

Rayana Edwards is a South African serial entrepreneur who owns several boutiques across South Africa and Kenya and has been in the fashion industry for over 35 years. Rayana's most recent project, known as "Sari for Change” is a sustainable fashion project that seeks to financially empower women and curb the high unemployment rate among women in South Africa. This project was geared to make underprivileged and uneducated South African women self-sufficient by using their transferable skills. Sari for Change allows women to create new garments from donated saris, enabling the creators of the new garments to earn a noble income on the side of their actual jobs. Sari for Change was named a joint winner of the 2020 Goldman Sachs and Fortune Global Women Leaders Award. This project is innovative and impactful because it curbs an unemployment issue and helps preserve the environment.

Emeka Emetarom

Emeka Emetarom is a Nigerian CEO of Qore, a Banking-as-a-Platform solution provider that delivers innovative bank solutions to African Financial Institutions and enables the delivery of services to customers through digital and alternative channels. Qore is reshaping Africa's financial ecosystem by providing technology and operating systems to fully digitalize Banks across the continent. Emeka Emetarom believes financial services should be accessible to everyone and anyone without the needing to visit a bank branch or human intervention. He believes this will make access to financial services more convenient for customers regardless of their location. This will also enable financial institutions to lower operating costs.

It is excellent to know that people in Africa are making a positive difference by finding solutions to everyday problems and making the world better and more convenient. I hope this inspires us all to someday develop new technologies or work with available resources to make Africa and the world better! Cheers, and catch you next week!

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