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On behalf of the Warwick Africa Summit 2020 team, we are pleased to welcome you to our 4th Annual Africa Summit. The Warwick Africa Summit is an interdisciplinary conference focused on African development and, solely organized by students. The summit presents a platform to address the different difficulties faced by the continent through the multi-disciplinary keynote speeches and panels of Human and Economic Development, Innovation, Governance, and, Culture and History. Our speakers range from politicians, bankers, entrepreneurs, activists to philanthropists who have dedicated their lives to unlocking the continent’s true potential.


We aim to generate engagement, innovation, and collaboration between students, academics, and practitioners as well as raise awareness of a continent, which is not always understood.

Our theme for our 2020 summit is ‘Umoja Ni Nguvu ‐ Connected Challenges, Connected Solutions’, an adaption of the Swahili proverb translating to unity is strength. ‘Connected Challenges, Connected Solutions’ emphasizes the importance of solidarity and unity amongst African nations in order to effectively overcome core issues faced in the continent. Warwick Africa Summit 2020 will aim to address the potential that African nations can unlock once united and generate ideas and initiatives that can facilitate the continent’s journey to excellence.

For the wealth of knowledge that will be present at the summit, we hope that all our attendees feel inspired and find a renewed sense of optimism as to what can be achieved in the future, and find clarity on how to take those next steps forward. We look forward to seeing you on the 25th and 26th of January 2020. Tickets out now!

Warm Regards,

Seiwaa Osei-Afriyie

Warwick Africa Summit 2020 President

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