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Feb 9th & 10th | University of Warwick 

2019 Summit 
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About The Event 

Our 2019 summit will be focused on “We Face Forward- Daima Mbele”.

This year’s theme provides a guiding force for the philosophy of Pan - Africanism. The belief that our shared prosperity can only be achieved through the strength of a united continent. One held by Africa’s foremost Pan-Africanist Kwame Nkrumah, who strived to show Africa that its potential should be realized by itself for itself.

The summit presents a platform to address the different difficulties faced by the continent through the multi-disciplinary keynote speeches and panels of Human and Economic Development, Gender Equality and, Sustainability and Renewable Energy. We aim to generate engagement, innovation and collaboration between students, academics and practitioners as well as raise awareness of a continent, which is not always understood. 

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