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2nd-3rd March 2024
Coventry, UK

We're proud to have welcomed the following speakers during our past conference.

This year our theme was “Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu” translating to "I am because you are" in Zulu. Highlighting the essence of partnership and collaboration, our theme calls for equity, peace, and harmony, acknowledging the sanctity of every life regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. 


Thank you to those who joined us for an insightful weekend and contributed to this theme!



Discover the range in developments being made in Africa, the various drawbacks impacting development, and the endless pockets for potential growth in the continent


Expand your connections through conversations with leading figures in Africa and like-minded students and alumni from global leading universities



Collaborate with like-minded individuals in exploring and shaping potential solutions to Africa's most pressing issues

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Hillary Wanjohi
President 2023/24

Welcome, Sanibonani, Karibuni, Marhaba, Akwaba, Bienvenue!

It is with utmost joy to have welcomed each esteemed guest to our recently concluded first fully in-person summit post COVID-19, which took place on the 2nd and 3rd of March 2024.

These recent years have been profound teachers, imparting upon us the invaluable lessons of resilience, adaptability, and the formidable strength that emerges from our collective endeavours. As we reflect on the concluded Summit, our hearts swell not only with the celebration of normalcy restored but with the warm memories of reconnecting, collaborating, and nurturing a vibrant exchange of ideas. Within the symphony of our speakers, students, and attendees, we shall undoubtedly continue to change the destiny of the Summit, its impact resonating both locally and regionally. To us the Summit stands as a resounding testament to our purpose - an embodiment of African pride that transcends geographical confines. Indeed, as Africans, even across the diaspora, we unite as catalysts for change upon the continent.

Our chosen theme for the 2024 Summit was “Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu”, a Zulu maxim that eloquently translates to "I am because you are". At its core, this theme celebrates the essence of partnership and collaboration, a philosophy that threads together the tapestry of Africa and her people. “I am because you are” was more than a phrase; it was a call for equity, peace, and harmony, acknowledging the sanctity of every life regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

We implore you to partake in enriching conversations, to confront assumptions, broaden horizons, and kindle inspiration that ignites action. Our Summit is a space where meaningful conversations weave together, sparking solutions that light the way for hundreds of young minds – the architects of tomorrow's leadership and transformative forces. Within this arena, we offer not just a stage for learning, but a platform to engage, interact, and nurture growth. Distinguished and esteemed speakers shall guide us through dialogues that stoke our curiosity and stir admiration, while interactions with diverse minds shall nurture a multiplicity of perspectives. In doing so, we empowered our attendees to mold their destinies and envision a prosperous Africa, radiant with solutions borne from the ingenuity of African people foregrounding the ethos “Umuntu Ungumuntu Ngabantu”

My team and I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with you throughout the Summit weekend, and as we handover to a new set of members, we look forward to engaging with you more throughout the next academic year!

President's Message

"It was inspiring to see the representation of the voices of young Africans in both panels and breakout sessions"


The Warwick Africa Summit is an annual student-led interdisciplinary conference focused on the development of the African continent. We aim to celebrate the continent, drive collaboration, and stimulate change by connecting African leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs to a global talent-pool of individuals. In order to provide a holistic understanding of Africa, the event aims to draw from a pool of both regional and local industry leaders as they both provide a wealth of knowledge on African issues and opportunities to create impact. 

Our summit sets itself apart from the conventional summits in its unique approach to the region. The initiative focuses on Africa within a global framework with a spotlight on the progress and future.

Our speakers range from politicians, bankers, entrepreneurs, activists, and philanthropists who have dedicated their lives to unlocking the Continent’s true potential. 

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