The Warwick Africa Summit is a student-organised interdisciplinary conference focused on African development. The summit presents a platform to address the different difficulties faced by the continent through the multi-disciplinary keynote speeches and panels of Human and Economic Development, Innovation, Governance, and Culture and History. Our speakers range from politicians, bankers, entrepreneurs and activists to philanthropists who have dedicated their lives to unlocking the continent’s true potential.

We aim to generate engagement, innovation, and collaboration between students, academics, and practitioners as well as raise awareness of a continent, which is not always understood.

​In order to adapt to our current climate, this year’s summit will be held online but will be just as interactive and engaging! ​


It brings me great pleasure to welcome you to the Warwick Africa Summit 2022, Yat Tzzwit Ur Ar Tskar Tammnt - Together We Rise.   


The summit will adopt an all-encompassing approach through keynote speeches, panel discussions and breakout sessions. We value your work and impact on the continent as it truly represents our summit’s mindset. ‘Yat Tzzwit Ur Ar Tskar Tammnt', is a powerful Tamazight proverb, directly translating to “A single bee does not produce honey”. This is a carefully selected statement, rooted in the spirit of Africa's many collectivist cultures. 'Together We Rise', an adaptation of the Tamazight proverb, emphasises the necessity for regional collaboration to spur innovation and continent-wide development.   


Warwick Africa Summit 2022 aims to address the potential that African nations can unlock once united to generate ideas and initiatives that can promote the continent's journey towards excellence and collective prosperity.  


One of the most rewarding aspects that comes with organising a summit of this nature, is providing the hundreds of young attendees with the opportunity to meet and network with their heroes, the individual they aspire to emulate in the future. Whether that may be in music, finance, art, development work, academia, politics, or any other imaginable field that contributes to the prosperity of Africa, the possibilities are infinite.   


Without you, the summit would not be a success, so please allow me to extend my sincere thanks, on behalf of my team, sponsors, board of advisors and the University of Warwick.  


Best regards,  

Ghita Agoumi  


“I enjoyed how the summit was able to combine speakers from different fields to provide delegates with a truly interdisciplinary view of the topic at the respective panels.”